Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Child’s Play

I imagine that I was as easily entertained as a child as I am to this day. Thinking about the grandbaby that’s on the way has caused me to consider the toys that I love. I think one reason we have “classic toys” is that every parent likes to buy what they loved as children for their children. So from one generation to the next, certain toys endure.

I had my share of baby dolls. My favorite was one I named “Shirley”. She was made of hard plastic so she go could go anywhere. She had been the victim for all my games of beauty shop so she had only an extremely short spiky look when it was all said and done. She had a well-loved look. There’s a new definition for you – aging just causes us to look well-loved. ; )
Just looking at a sock monkey makes me happy. I bought a sock monkey as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Uncommon Blonde. My sister beat me to it on this one; she already bought one for Uncommon Blonde’s little girl.

Everybody’s gotta love Bozo. You can take out all your frustrations on him and he bounces right back, smiling all the time. I think I liked him so much because I could distract my sister with Bozo and avoid being the human bop bag. There’s a lesson in that – maybe I should get one as an office companion. I may be serious. : )

What was your favorite toy? Happy reflections to you!


Uncommon Blonde said...

Rainbow Brite or that dog with pink hair names Poochie ... loved them both!

Greg C said...

I had a sock monkey and a punching Bozo too but my favorite toy was a top that made music when you spun it really fast. I still love tops and yo-yo's.

My ADHD Me said...

"aging makes us look well loved"...I like that.

I never had a sock puppet but it was neat to see it because I didn't know they made them anymore.

Bozo is an interesting character. I have looked for clips of him on You Tube on a few occasions for my Tuesday Special Guest but all I find are these creepy looking ones. Maybe he was creepy then and we just never realized it. OR maybe that was such an innocent time that we didn't get creepy feelings about characters like that...yes....that's it. I like that thought.

Can't remember a favorite toy. I did LOVE my Laura Ingalls Wilder books.

sara said...

my favorites were my barbies and my lite bright!!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

I loved my Tiny Tears doll. I fed her, walked her around in her pram, changed her...she was my guinea pig for motherhood!

Protege said...

Wonderful post!
I have a niece and nephew; both have toys they simply can not be without and which have been secretly replaced a few times as they were falling apart and could not be fixed any longer. All gifts from their grandmother (my mom).

My sister had a big stuffed orange ape, it looked like orangutan; that she could not fall asleep without when she was a kid and she still has it to this day (no longer in her bed though;).
Although I enjoy hearing about favorite toys of others, I am sorry to say I never managed to find a favorite one of my own. Sad but true. Nor was I ever one of those girls whose bed was lined with stuffed animals and toys.;)

Merrie said...

My favorites were my plastic horses. I would prance them around and gallop with them thinking I was also a horse. I was completely in love with horses and my childhood dream was to own a horse. Hasn't happened yet... but I haven't given up. Since I grew up in Atlanta there wasn't a "proper" place to keep my horse in my back yard.... I certainly didn't want to keep him (a golden palomino) somewhere else that I had to have someone drive me to see... I did not want to settle for anything less than having one up close.
I didn't like dolls very much - just plastic horses.... wonder what that says about me. Should have been a vet instead of a mom? naaaaa

Shelly W said...

I can't believe that sara (comment above) took BOTH of mine--Barbies and the Lite Brite. When I was much younger I liked Lincoln Logs. Other than that, I liked books. Couldn't get enough of them!

skoots1mom said...

tinker toys, Barbie, and my viewmaster kept me busy in my "pup tent" in the backyard...i loved sitting in my pup tent playing with the toys...and i was one to enjoy a good game of cowboys and indians too...'cause i had my own holster and sixshooter full of caps! (and I grew up NOT WANTING to shoot anyone in REAL life! Amazing!)

Rosezilla said...

My sister had Bozo and she blamed EVERYTHING on him! he even wet her bed :) As for me, I had Mousey! I still have him. He was a stuffed Mouse with a music box inside that I had to have with me as much as possible. I also had a talking lion that made me feel safe when he said "Roar! I'll protect you!"

By the way, I emailed you so you'd have my email, but I got thinking it might have gone straight to spam since it began Hello from Rosezilla! My email address is and I would love to hear from you!

Angela Fehr said...

I loved Barbies. Funny since I am not too keen on my daughters having Barbies. We moved a lot and my mom got rid of most of our toys every time - so I don't have anything but memories to pass on to my kids. Which is fine. They likely wouldn't understand the well-loved eyelessness of my Chrissy baby doll.