Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ingenious Invention - It Works for Me!

The cleaning gene skipped a generation in my family. Cleaning house is not on my list of things I like to do, so when I got excited this weekend about cleaning with Uncommon Blonde’s new SteamFast machine, it was an unprecedented occasion. The fact that I’m blogging about anything related to cleaning house is nothing short of astonishing.

I actually couldn’t wait to see what it would do, so I started with the dirtiest thing I could find; the exhaust vent in the kitchen. I was happy with the minor effort it took to take care of my least-favorite cleaning task so I proceeded to clean all the appliances in the kitchen and then moved to my shower. I appreciate my oversized tile shower until it’s time to clean it. It’s going to take more than one steam cleaning to get it up to par, but I was very pleased with the results of the first “treatment”.

The greatest benefit is that there are NO CHEMICALS when cleaning with this product, just steam! Most effective cleaning product products produce killer fumes (no kidding), so this is a vast improvement and requires very little “elbow grease” as well.

I’m sold. This particular SteamFast unit costs about $100. One review at Amazon states that the Italian (more expensive) units are much more powerful. In my cleaning frenzy I took some paint off the wall by my shower, so I really don’t think I need more power.

Since you wouldn’t use this machine all the time, if my best friend lived nearby (which sadly she doesn’t), I would split the cost and take turns keeping this at my house.You can go on over to Shannon’s Works For Me Wednesday for hundreds of ideas to make you smart & efficient. Sounds exhausting doesn’t it?


skoots1mom said...

i enjoy using mine in the takes off wallpaper with a breeze (when you want to removed wallpaper) and they even get up stains on concrete floors. extra careful if using on floors ... it can melt glue :)

Protege said...

This sounds like my kind of cleaning gadget.;) I hate all the fumes that are created when I clean my shower, at times I feel like passing out. This seems wonderful and eco-friendly.;)))

Edie said...

Wow this sounds like a fabulous machine! I would love it! I actually like to clean. Yes I'm one of those. :) But I like it best when it's easy!

Have a great week!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

My motto: "When they start giving away cash prizes for clean kitchen floors...I'll have a clean kitchen floor!" I can't remember the last time anyone received a complement on how clean their house was, sadly they only notice if your house is dirty! So not fair. I have a friend who always says "If you're coming to see me stop by anytime, if you're coming to see my house make an appointment!"


Merrie said...

That sounds like a wonderful machine. I can see that it is something my daughter would LOVE to have and I'd love for her to have one. She is my cleaner. She will come over and just clean... it is wonderful when she comes... of course, I am keeping her children at no charge so she sort of pays be with having a clean house - plus it gives her children a clean floor to play on... works well for me!

Greg C said...

Would that ever make the perfect anniversary present for my wife. Just kidding as much as she would like it she would kill me if I gave her that for a present.

Chatty Kelly said...

I have a shark which is a similar premise. It's a steam mop. I love it.

shopannies said...

sounds like a great tool to have

My ADHD Me said...

You and I are SO much alike!

I did borrow a similar gadget from my friend and, like you, went on a cleaning binge. AND, like you, took the paint off of my stove hood. how Funny!