Thursday, April 9, 2009


in de fat i ga ble - adjective - incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring.
Synonyms:tireless, inexhaustible, persevering.

I’m happy to report that regular exercise is back in my life again. Participating in Linda’s 30 x 5 Challenge strengthened my resolve. The first week, I exercised for at least 30 minutes 6 of 7 days and the second week it was 7 of 7 days. My normal routine is wogging – a combination of walking and jogging. I’m taking you along with me through photos below and you can see why I love it.

The last 2 weeks have delivered a large dose of severe weather and heavy rains, so I added to my “Plan B” by ordering Leslie Sansone’s “5 Day Slim Down” DVD. I think it’s really easy, but that’s better for me than being so difficult that I won’t do it. I had an old DVD that I was embarrassed to exercise with. You know it’s bad when you’re embarrassed in front of yourself! Really… the guy in his spandex suit and his little groupies in tiny leotards, perfect bodies and obnoxious grins just didn’t work for me. The only segment of that DVD I do is the arms. I’m working on my arms since sleeveless clothes are a necessity in Florida. Arms that flap in the breeze or not okay with me.

3 out of 4 seasons, I try to wog midday. Since I work from home online, it gives me a great stretch break. In the summertime, when it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity at 11 AM, that no longer works for me and I have to go early.

Come on let’s walk… Annie and Sally are waiting…

The air is sweet and fresh and right now the weather is beautiful and invigorating. These neighbor dogs always greet me enthusiastically! Very fun.
I vary my route... this is another way I go. You can barely see these neighbors in the trees... there are 11 horses on this 30 acre piece. They are so beautiful to watch and I love the sound of their hooves when they run.
Then home again home jiggety jog. Thanks for stopping by!


Protege said...

You live in a beautiful environment. And have indeed very friendly neighbors.;)
I think it is very difficult to keep up with an exercise routine. Being fortunate enough to have a very flexible working hours; I have a treadmill at home which I use (or try to use) every morning.;)

Shelly W said...

Wow! What a beautiful place to live--it doesn't look like Florida to me at all.

Good for you on the exercise! It really does give you more energy, doesn't it? In fact, I'm off to the gym right now (my favorite thing is lifting weights).

Have a great, energy-filled day!

Anonymous said...

Can I come walk with you? :) You live in some beautiful scenery!

Congrats - and keep it up!

Chatty Kelly said...

I love the Leslie Sansone videos! I have 2. Keep walking! (wogging!)

Melanie said...

Way to wog!

Funny, I call my walking/running "rocking."

Beautiful area you're in.


DidiLyn said...

Yay for wogging! Yay for you! That is a seriously gorgeous area you live in. I am so glad you shared where you wog. (I think it meant more to me than everyone else because of the whole wogging thing, but just keep it quiet and let me keep imagining that, m'kay?)

Sassy Granny ... said...

I'm a fast-friend of Merriam Webster, so I greatly appreciated your definition. Your picture definitely belongs adjacent to it!

There's something about healthy disciplines in our lives that make for such great satisfaction (once I get past the tantrum stage). Way to go! Or should I say, way to wog?


P.S. The road leading home deserves a great poem or scripture beneath it. Fabulous photo!

Ballerina Girl said...

GReat job....what with such pretty nature all around it seems like exercising is not that bad!!
Happy Easter

Jenny said...

Love the scenery for your walks. I get embarassed by work out videos too, I just can't watch most of them.

Greg C said...

Our road is so booring. I need to find a new place to run/walk.

My ADHD Me said...

Hurray for you!!

I am proud of you....and inspired.

I have a few of those older excersize VHS tapes too. Complete with headbands and fake (non-sweating) smiling, pencil thin women.


(arms that flap in the breeze---you're cracking me up! WAHAHAHAHA!!)

Angela said...

How beautiful! And I love the WOG! Awesome. :-)

skoots1mom said...

it's good to be moving again, isn't it?
this has been fun..i've got to post my response tomorrow...just got back from spring break, have a new cold and needless to say, the kids, all 170 of them, wore us out!

Brenda Leyland said...

Bev, You've inspired me. I went over to 2nd cup and signed up for the 30 x 5 challenge Phase 2.