Friday, April 24, 2009

If You Have to Tell People You Are, You Aren't

I’m pretty sure I don’t have innate fashion sense, so it’s a bit ironic that I’m participating in Big Mama’s Fashion Friday. God saw my need and gave me 2 daughters who have fabulous fashion sense. My first indication of their strong opinions in this area was when Uncommon Blonde absolutely refused to wear the colored corduroy pants with matching shirts I’d bought on sale in every color of the rainbow when she was 3.

Though I’ll never be a glamour girl, experience and common sense have given me reasonable guidelines for fashion which include:

1. Wear clothes that fit. Sounds simple. Invest in clothes with quality fabric that are made well and hang right. I find this often means designer brands; I’m convinced that you’re not just paying for a name. The clothes are higher quality. But that leads me to number two…

2. Shop consignment. Now that the economy has tanked, it’s a popular thing to do. Much to my daughters’ chagrin, I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s a total blast to score a $100 blouse for $15. I don’t have the time sort through the stuff at Goodwill but I love the small boutique-like consignment stores.

3. Check out Sam’s Club for clothes. I’ve been buying my Calvin Klein jeans there for several years for $25 a pair instead of paying the $80 retail price or $50 outlet price. You might be surprised at what you find. Yesterday I bought these Nine West Capris for $14.96 at Sam’s (they happen to be SUPER comfortable!), stopped at the consignment store on the way home and bought a blouse for $5. I’ve been on shopping restriction but a new outfit for less than $20 is guilt-free relief.
4. Whoever said you can’t wear white skirts, shoes or dresses before Memorial Day or after Labor Day didn’t live in Florida and probably applied that rule to white gloves. I still argue with my daughters on this point (they stick with the rule) so I wanted to put it in writing that it’s not true.

5. Returning to the “fit” issue, wear the right size. Trying to boost your ego by fitting into too-small jeans that create the muffin-top effect isn’t flattering. Nor does it work to disguise extra poundage with larger clothes. It just makes you look, well… larger. Remember, I know this from experience. ; )

6. Speaking of muffin tops brings to mind Big Mama’s #1 Fashion Rule which is to buy a pair of good jeans that fit well. Her classic post on the subject is HERE.

7. My mom always schooled me to dress like a lady. I happen to like what Margaret Thatcher said about that:
"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't."


Mocha with Linda said...

Love the Thatcher quote!!

My ADHD Me said...

What a cute outfit...and you're right, no guilt!

I love consignment stores and thrift shops. When the kids were little I could get them "like-new" and sometimes New clothes for a fraction of the cost. Now that they are older it is harder to find things for them but I can ALWAYS find stuff for me!

Protege said...

You know, I am sure you have great fashion sense and this post is the proof.;)After all, your daughters got it from you, I bet.;)
I agree with all your points. I have always been of the opinion that certain items should always be bought with quality in mind. But I also believe in mixing. As I love clothes and can not afford to always buy brand names, I mix quality and inexpensive items and it has worked very well for me.;))

God's girl said...

Cute outfit and great bargain.

My 12-year old is in this "brand name" mode. Drives me nuts. So I seek them out at rummage sales (my favorite past-time!!!) and just don't tell him where I got them. It is amazing at how the type of clothes "define" the pre-teen!

I'm guilty of wearing the over-sized clothes to hide my fat which actually make me look bigger. I totally don't get that:)

Have a great day! Heaven

skoots1mom said...

we had a corduroy moment @ our house too!
great ideas...

Melanie said...

Cute outfit. I've bought summer things at Sam's, too.
But I have to say even after living in Florida for 18 years, I adhere to the old white shoe/bag rule.

Last summer I scored a pair of Gap khaki capris for 60 cents at the local hospice thrift store! They were in good shape,too.

Shelly W said...

You give some good advice here, Beverly. And I'm going to write down that Thatcher quote and use it one of these days--priceless!

How's WW going??

Merrie said...

So true, so true! I was also blessed with daughters who tell me when I've "missed the mark" with an outfit. It started when my daughter was in preK and I was going to something at the school. She said, "Momma, don't wear that blue dress because it makes you look fat!" (I was wearing a size 6 at the time - but have always had a pot belly)
I also LOVE a good bargain. It truly hurts my feelings to pay full price for clothes. I do the happy dance when I find good clothes at good prices. My favorite store now is Ross. On Tuesdays, I can get an extra 10% off my purchase just because I have aged gracefully and am over 55!
Today I celebrated "my" day by going to garage sales. I picked up some really cute Paletek chairs that sell for $250 each... I paid $5 each! Yeah, I did the happy dance...
hummm this comment is so long I should do a post! haha

Chatty Kelly said...

I'm queen of the Clearance rack. I scored a pair of Michael Kors jeans ($105) for $20, and a new swimsuit ($125) for $29.99 at Marshalls.

sara said...

love that quote!!!

I just wore a pair of capris I got at Sam's last summer!! it's a great place to find clothes!