Friday, May 2, 2008

Greased Lightning!

I’m tired this morning and all I had to do was watch cupcake yesterday in two performances of Grease! I didn’t sing, dance or memorize a trillion lines and have to deliver them flawlessly in front of 1000 people and I’m tired! I KNOW my Sandy Dumbrokski is dragging, but her schedule dictated that she rise and perform some more – this time for a final in a dual enrollment class.

I was overwhelmingly impressed with this group of teenagers. I was also blown away by the teacher that started the drama program from scratch last year (it’s a new school) and was able to pull off such an amazing production involving 78 students. In addition to being a world class teacher, Margo Deal Anderson is a performer herself. I know we have all had teachers that shaped us and made a lifelong impression for good, and Margo has done that for thousands of young people. Isn’t it wonderful to be around people that are full of passion, energy, hope and excitement? Just thinking about it gives me some much needed energy.


Linda said...

This is exciting! I'm off today to watch my girl in a dance competition. One year, she had the lead in Annie, and it's something a mom never forgets! I love teenagers, too.

Linda said...

Oh shoot--I forgot to say thanks for voting for me. I really appreciate it. Especiall since it's not such a "cute" pic!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun that must have been for you and for her!