Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fast and Stop

I have been described as having 2 gears - fast and stop. This week I have alternated between feeling like my head is going to explode because there's too much in it and falling asleep at my desk and planting my face in the keyboard. So I suppose there's some truth to the 2 gear analysis. I have no energy to write anything brilliant, but comic relief is always a good thing so here you go:

I didn't draw the pie - but I note that alas, it does not have exercise in it. We'd better get with it people! Will you do mine for me? Just this week?


Anonymous said...
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Uncommon Blonde said...

I love these! I laughed out loud at the first one because I actually had the thought that being dead for 24 hours sure would be relaxing. I can't wait for a few days off!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the exact same two gears. I also have another annoying frame of mind: done perfectly, or not done at all. Dang it. Why can't I be happy with mediocrity?

Although I'm learning to appreciate it more and more every day.

Linda said...

I have had the same reaction as 'Uncommon Blonde' 24 hours of complete inactivity and unconsciousness sounds rather attractive at times. My favorite time of the day is usually right before I fall asleep!