Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We had a delightful party for Cupcake preceding graduation on Friday. I just returned from a few wonderful days at the beach (another post) so I’m late with my comments. Here are some observations from the party:
  • It is good to have company. It forces me to clean things that I have overlooked and the results are gratifying.

  • Uncommon Blonde is the queen of party planning. From the marvelous cake made by
    SoFabulous Sweets, the beautiful decorations, the silly glasses for photos (posting that photo later!), the Smarties sprinkled throughout… she put a lot of thought into details and the result was amazing. Furthermore, she makes it look easy and it is oh so much fun!

  • Having Olive Garden do the cooking was a great choice. Everyone loved it and it was reasonable in cost and simple, simple, simple.

  • Serving Banana Pudding is always a good idea in the south. Many asked for my recipe, which is easy-peasy and makes enough to feed a small army.
We made some marvelous memories with liberal portions of love and laughter. Cupcake's salutatory address was on “defining moments”. We have all had more than a few of those in the last week. I am grateful.

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    Linda said...

    Looks like a great party and the girls are so cute. Did you really have this cake? Amazing.