Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sea Oats & Nasty Spills

I’m inclined to be full of hope. Often, the media conspires against me. You know that my roots are Sea Oats. I love the coast of Florida. Really, really love it.

The desperately sad news of the oil spill flowing our way is devastating. Personally, economically, environmentally, emotionally, politically, locally, globally…. and the list goes on and on.

All I know to do is pray. We think we’re so smart (the human race), but technology fails. Men are error-prone. That’s our nature. Blame doesn’t offer solutions. If you haven’t heard the sad story, here’s a video clip.

I'm tired today. Running on fumes (sleep-wise) isn't good for me. Prayer changes things. Please pray for our country. Please pray for our coastline. God speed.


Sassy Granny ... said...

I hear the burden of your heart, sister; and with good reason. Here we are, in the year 2010, with all this technology and "intelligence", and we have yet to figure out how itsy-bitsy we are as compared to God's creation.

I'm wondering what it will take for this country, and this world, to bend their knees again? I pray it's not more natural or man-made disasters.

Blessings & peace,

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Yes. I do and I will. Sorry you carry such a heavy burden today.

FancyHorse said...

Amen, praying with you, from the coast of Alabama.