Monday, May 10, 2010

Laughter & Delight

I choose to seek small delightful moments, snatch laughter
out of thin air & and grab hold of hope at every turn.
~ Cindy Ratzlaf in "Queen of My Own Life"

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I heard someone say "Mother's Day" should be changed to "Happy Family Day" because to a mom that is the heart of what we are celebrating. Yet I realize that would be an especially rough day for the many people that aren't happy.

Yesterday, as I had Addison and Uncommon Blonde on Skype, with our other children (adults!) at my shoulder and we laughed at the baby's antics, my heart felt exceedingly grateful. Sure, it would have been great to hold these two in my arms but I'm thankful for the technology that keeps us so closely connected. These 2 beauties were able to hug my mom so the love abounds.They all ganged up and got me a Flip Video and I'm thrilled. The video below is my first, in honor of Builderman, who has picked up a hobby that he began when our boy was small. They are just 2 big kids now. I need to learn how to take vidoes that don't make you seasick. But it's a major victory that I took it from the camera to YouTube (:OVE IT!). Watch if you dare. LOL


Zuzana said...

I agree with you on the technology, Skype keeps me connected to the people I love.;)
Loved the clip.;) Glad you had a lovely Mothers Day.;)

Reasons said...

Hey I had a migraine today, what are you trying to do to me! LOL. Very good, have fun with your camera.

sara said...

so was he dizzy when the plane finally landed?!!