Friday, May 14, 2010

Annie Get Your Gun

There’s a time to reap and a time to sow, a time to hold your peace and a time to grab the gun. Ooops, forgive me…. I just made that up.
Don’t deny it, you know what it means to “get your mad on”. It’s probably righteous indignation (ahem) but all of us have had protective mama bear rise up over something. I have a point here, about drawing a line in the sand. I’m an easy-going, diplomatic type of person. BUT… sometimes enough is enough and it’s time to fight for what’s yours.

What has me riled up today is something as simple as the varmints eating our garden. Last year, I watched the varmints eat more than half of our harvest. It’s not happening again. I’ll not say more in order to avoid the wrath of the SPCA or whatever the caterpillar-lovers call themselves but they can hug a tree while I eat the fruit of the garden we labored over.

I’ve been accused of being too nice. But do not be deceived… in my heart there’s a warrior. Well, maybe I just watched too much Beverly Hillbillies when I was kid. What a silly show! Note that Granny's got her gun. LOL


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh my word, I love the Beverly Hillbillies!! So fun.

Krista said...

ME TOO!! I call them Future Butterflies of America, and they are threatening to ruin all my gardening joy! A week ago they were cute fuzzy caterpillars, but now they have become an underground organization with malicious intent. My landscaper friend has advised me to get myself to Producers Co-Op ASAP for some caterpillar repellent or they will enjoy my entire garden before I get back from my 3 week vacation. Good luck to you in your search for repellent, too.

Happy Weekend!

Sue J. said...

It's so hard to see good works get eaten up! I suspect there are some decent home remedies out there that might keep you from pulling out the big guns....literally!

(I remember watching this show, just so I could stay in front of the TV. I absolutely did not get it. There was just something about that time, I guess....)

sara said...

I say fight!!! you work too hard in the garden not to enjoy the fruits!!! However, I wouldn't recommend a gun to take out a caterpillar....just sayin'!

My ADHD Me said...

Haha! I think it sounds like you and I have solved the problem the same way!

Opps, watching this just reminded me that Today is Tuesday (you know what that means!!). I better get on that now!