Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now the Girl is Twenty!

Dear Diana,

I’m astonished at how quickly the years of your childhood and teen years passed and now, on the eve of your 20th birthday, I’m reflecting on how generous God has been to send you into our lives.

Your birth on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was a wonderful miracle. The Tallahassee Birth Center was a cozy and relaxed environment as we welcomed you; a healthy 9 lb 6oz baby girl. It was so special to go home 3 hours after your birth and climb into bed with your brother and sister as we all marveled over you.

You were such a fun toddler. You were always bold and sassy, but in such an adorable way you always made us laugh. My mind is full of thousands of memories of the smiles you brought to our faces and to our hearts.

As a long-legged elementary school child, I recall your competitive spirit as you ran like the wind on the playground and gleefully beat the boys at sports.

I blinked and you were asking to wear make-up and highlight your hair as you moved into the middle school years. Your strong will challenged me, but your natural grace had a way of smoothing over the blemishes of adolescence.

Your strong leadership skills really began to shine in high school and those years flew by in the scurry of football games, basketball games, cheer camps, plays and the many school activities that absorbed our days and nights.

As you moved away and started college, I watched as you learned to handle increasing responsibilities with an indomitable attitude and strength.

Now here you are on the launchpad of adulthood. You shine brightly and bring joy to all those around you. You are diligent, trustworthy, intelliegent and loyal. You’re hilarious and fun with an incomparable sense of style, beautiful inside and out. My heart is bursting with joy with the young woman you have become.

Happy Birthday, Cupcake.

I love you to the moon and back again.
Forever and always.