Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Kitchen Happiness - It Works for Me!

I've got something for show and tell, so I'm joining in with Works for Me Wednesday. When I got there today, I saw she's having Backwards day, so I'll be backwards by going forward. : )

I have some fabulous new friends in the kitchen but one of my favorites came to me quite by accident.

Who doesn't hate to chop onions? Well, maybe Julia Childs didn't hate it, but how many recipes have you deleted the onions from because you just didn't want to deal with the hassle?

My mom is always cleaning out (I missed that gene) and she had a stack she asked me to go through last time I was there. I came home with a basket of perfectly good things she was taking to Goodwill. Now, before you laugh, let me show you this brand new Black and Decker Chopper, my friend forever.

I saw one in the store for around $10 and I'm telling you, this little gadget is worth every penny. (Espeically since mine was free!) I used it during Christmas baking for pecans and that saved my fingers and my time. It's very persnickety about how you assemble it, but once you get the knack, you're ready to go. It's very small and easy to wsh and to store. No more stinkin' onions in my kitchen!

I have to mention that another thing that's new in my kitchen that I totally love is Pioneer Woman's cookbook, a gift from Uncommon Blonde! It is as much fun as her blog.

By the way, Kristen's "backwards" question on Works for Me Wednesday today is "what programs truly work to help you save money, cut back, etc?" I'll be interested to read the posts, as that is not my specialty. ; )


thesavedquarter said...

I don't find hand chopping onions to be much of a hassle, but I do like my food processor for dicing and slicing and making home made hummus. MMmmmm, hummus...

I have started a blog for how I'm saving money this year. I'm planning on saving a quarter of our income this year, so I'm getting into every idea I can come across!

I found you on WFMW. :)

sara said...

I have one of those and I love it! though I still do my onions by hand...go figure!

Edie said...

I have a little chopper (not that one) but it seems to mince onions more than chop them. Does that one actually chop them. I love onions and never delete them even if I have to chop manually. :)

Love the picture underneath this comment box of you flying with Mary Poppins. You even dressed the part! :)