Friday, January 15, 2010

From Hurricanes & Earthquakes to Eggs & Rosebuds

Just a note as I head out for the weekend. I'm headed south unexpectedly for the farewell service for a beautiful friend who moved to heaven Wednesday. Her husband, Michael, writes:

"There is deep sorrow, but no regrets.
There are questions in my heart, but no accusations on my lips.
God is faithful and true… He is just and kind.
He loves like a hurricane… I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy."

They have asked that in leiu of flowers to please donate to a Haiti Earthquake Fund. The news accounts of the utter chaos in Haiti are hard. I find the level of destruction rather inconceivable. I see the images and hear that a transport plan with help circled for 5 hours and couldn't even land, returning to Peurto Rico when they got low on fuel, and I just can't imagine.

All of this leaves me knowing that life is fragile and precious. Speaking of fragile, I may become known as the egg lady... handing out these eggs that our infamous chickens are now cranking out. Truth be told, they are fabulous. I'm taking these with me to share:

The silver lining to this unexpected trip is I get to see Rosebud! Oh yes, I do. I hear her calling me now!


The Mom said...

So sorry for your earthly loss, but it sounds as though heaven has thrown open its arms for your friend. I love what her husband wrote...those are powerful words and bring a precious perspective. Love you and thanks for sharing...

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

Wow! I hope I have as much grace and faith as Michael wrote should I "bend beneath the weight" of God's "hurricane" love! Just those words alone, what he wrote, is enough to make a girl ponder on the root system his tree has established. May mine go deep. Thanks for passing it on.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Blessings to you this weekend.

Mocha with Linda said...

Your gtrandbaby is absolutely adorable!!

Melanie said...

Is it Brenda who went to heaven? I think it must be based on the email you sent me a couple of months ago.
I wonder if she has seen my Andrew yet?
My love to you.

Cheap Homeschooling said...

Sorry about your loss. That is a good idea to ask people to send a donation to Haiti instead of flowers. Every bit helps and those people need it so bad.