Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Last Random Dozen

Linda's 2nd Cup of Coffee is one of the first blogs I ever read and so she's pretty special in my book. She's hosted a meme this year that I've read with interest but haven't joined in. Since this is the last "Random Dozen" of 2009, I decided to jump in. Here we go...

1. Do you find it gross to share drinks with family? Friends? Not a big deal, especially if I’m really thirsty or vica versa. But I don't do it on purpose.

2. What have you learned this year? (You didn't see a question of that weight coming, did you? At least not for #2.)
I’ve learned that prayer is the absolute ingredient for success and my prayers hold as much power as anyone else’s on earth because I am HIS! If you want to read a bit more about this, I was honored to write a guest post about prayer on Michael Pink's blog recently.

3. When do you dismantle the Christmas decorations?
Usually on New Year’s day or thereabouts.

4. Something you wish to accomplish before the end of 2009 is:
Reviewing my goals and refreshing my vision in preparation for an awesome 2010. Dump the fear and doubt.

5. How do you feel about winter (after Christmas)?
Winter is okay. Living in the land of sunshine, one can’t complain! My favorite season of all is spring.

6. Have you participated in after-Christmas sales?
No. My family was so very generous to me that I feel very content and blessed. There was enough consumerism (which I participated in!) in New York City to hold me for awhile.

7. Do you have plans for New Year's Eve?
No, never do. And that’s ok.

8. Is there anything special awaiting you in January?
Yes. New dreams, open doors of opportunity and a beautiful grandchild who changes every day.

9. If your life this year was a movie, what category or genre would it be? (Romance, Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Farcical, etc.)
It would be a holiday special. : ) Adventure, lessons, drama and warm feelings with a happy ending.

10. How much time per day do you spend blogging? Please do not lie. I will know.
Not as much in the last 6 months as before. Lots going on. Probably an average of only 30 minutes a day on personal blogging and commenting. I want to spend more - it's fun! I try to catch up by spending more time on weekends. I find I can read blogs from my blackberry while on the move, but I can't leave comments from my mobile for some reason.

11. Who runs your household?
My husband does the outside stuff, I do the inside, I pay the bills and we make decisions together. It’s a partnership!

12. Share one hope/dream for 2010.
I am expecting to schedule 2 paid speaking engagements per month. That’s my passion and my purpose… moving people through meaningful communication and imparting joy and hope into their lives.


Mocha with Linda said...

I enjoyed your answers.

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!

Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

Thanks for popping over and visiting. :) I always appreciate comments. I love your answer to number 2 on the Random Dozen! So TRUE! Wonderful!

Here's to a blessed new year!

sara said...

great answers!!!

I've learned #2 also this year!

Happy New Year, Beverly!!

Joyce said...

It was fun reading your answers...Happy New Year!

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Okay, there are several answers that I just love:

#2..."and my prayers hold as much power as anyone else’s on earth because I am HIS!" Love it. Yes.

#9...The warm, happy ending. That's great!

#12...that's awesome! :-) Go get 'em, girl!

Have a great new year!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Great answers. You are clearly a very positive person.