Monday, December 21, 2009

The Forecast was for Fun - Never Mind the Rain

I'm thankful that the only moisture we experienced in New York last week was a bit of rain. This week it’s ice and snow… a little harder to maneuver in, I daresay. (That is theoretical and speculative as I have very little actual experience in the matter.)

When we hit the streets on Day 2, we realized the rain forecast was accurate. Our Broadway Show tickets were for the evening of Day 3, but we knew about the Ticket Booth in Times Square where you could stand in line to buy half price tickets to shows for that day. I had really wanted to take in 2 shows on our trip so here was the opportunity. We got matinee tickets to see Chicago - way to multiply our travel dollars.
The girls were excited to learn that Ashlee Simpson (Jessica’s sister) is starring in the show. She did a great job. I loved the jazz music and the dancing - it was well done theater. Quite different from the show we saw the next day and I love variety.

We met up with one of the girls’ friends who’s a model in New York. It was fun going to her apartment – a walk-up – and seeing how New Yorkers live. When we walked out of the Mexican restaurant after a fun and delicious meal, the rain had stopped, making it a perfect time to go to Rockefeller Plaza. We did a little window shopping along the way. No problem that these stores were closed. I think a necklace cost more than my car.
Empire State Building at Night

Across from Rockefeller Square, I was captivated by Saks Fifth Avenue’s “singing building”. Every 15 minutes, the building came to life with flashing snowflakes, dancing to a brilliant arrangement of “Ring Christmas Bells” that resonated in the crisp, freshly washed air. I had to watch it three times!!
I’ve always heard about the energy in New York and it was so much fun experiencing the city that never sleeps. I’ll wrap up the trip on my next post with some of my very favorite photos from the trip.


sara said...

Loved seeing these pictures of one of my favorite cities!!! so much fun!

heather said...

Trying not to be GREEN with envy, but it's not really working. It looks like soooo much fun!!! I was planning a girls trip last Christmas, but then God provided the way for the sudden move and it just wasn't feasible. As much as I want to go, leaving my baby was just not happening this year sooo . . . the plan is officially back ON for next year!

Looks like you had a blast!

My ADHD Me said...

I've heard about the "Singing Building". I would love it.
Actually, I think I would have loved the entire trip.
It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!

I've never been to New York....barely been out of Virginia.
But I have to go one day. It sounds SO exciting.

Hope your Christmas was WONDERFUL!!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

P.S. Your pictures are beautiful!