Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chicken Little Grows Tail Feathers

Back in May, my only knowledge of chickens came from the cartoon that featured Foghorn Leghorn. I don't know much more to date, but I do know I like the eggs that this hen is producing at the rate of one or two a day. We have 14 more hens that are expected to start laying in January, at which point I'll have more eggs than I know what to do with. I may talk to the owner of my favorite vegetable stand and start selling them. Who knew?

This rooster is not my friend. In fact, he's on the Naughty list. Everytime I go out to collect an egg, he comes charging at me like he's guarding the hen house. Why is it that I feel threatened by something that is a fraction of my size? Builderman says he just wants to be fed crackers (he's trained him!). I like the hens just fine but I've politely suggested that her beau may be Sunday dinner if he's not nice.
On another note, I'm putting the "word verification" feature on my comment settings today to try to get rid of the nuisance of spam comments that started in the last week. I'm getting two a day now and want to stop them, so bear with me while I see if this works. Hopefully they'll stop and comments can be faster again in a week or so. I do appreciate you stopping by!!


Kelly Combs said...

I thought you weren't supposed to have a rooster if you were going to eat the eggs? A rooster is for if you want baby chicks. (That's what I learned on Magic Schoolbus when I watched with my kids). heehee. See I know as much as you.

Maybe you should name that rooster Polly...Polly want a cracker?

Hope you have a great Christmas time!

Merrie said...

I know nothing about chickens. I have threatened to have some though because I want some fresh eggs. We have a member of the church who gives me farm fresh eggs. But, something got her hens and the others quit laying. Maybe she needs a rooster to get them going again?

I know about the spam comments. I had to do the same thing. The word verification did work for me. Don't get any more.

Greg C said...

We no longer have chickens but I am thinking about getting some in the spring. No roosters though for us.

2Thinks said...

I like chickens. We live in the suburbs, but my dau and I hatched a few chicken eggs in our family room in an incubator. We kept 2 and they turned out to be a rooster and a hen- barred rock- I loved them. The rooster did not charge me. They liked me.

But you can't keep chickens free ranging around your pool deck in the suburbs forever. Too much poop.

My father-in-law has a stray rooster living at his old farmhouse. I hate that bird. He attacked me with his spurs once and he's been on my hit list ever since. If it wasn't for grandpa loving him so much, he'd be stew!