Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunshine over Lugubriousness

Who among us doesn't love words? I have a collection of words that I think are cool and want to use more often. Lugubrious seemed appropriate for a Monday when I often attempt to counteract sluggishness with humor.

Lugubrious (adj) [lu-'gu-bri-ês] Mournful, gloomy, depressive, doleful.

Of course, you know my recipe for just about anything includes laughter. I've seen this "man message" before, but it still made me laugh when I came across this recently.

If you're dragging, it's time for a walk on sunshine. This is probably my favorite 80's tune:


Merrie said...

Thanks, I sure needed that this morning. Something is going on with my daughter and her husband and they "can't share" right now. I'm keeping the kids for them to "do something". He has taken the morning off and she had obviously been crying - looked like all night - from the looks of her eyes.
My confession is "all is well". My heart is trying to line up with that confession.
So, I need to be walking on sunshine!

Melanie said...

I called my husband over to read the "man message." But I had to translate it for him!

Greg C said...

I loved the refrigerator message. I was expecting Katrina and the waves in that video. Same song different singers. I liked your version better.

2Thinks said...

Good word.

Chatty Kelly Combs said...

I didn't even know you liked beer. HAHAHA! Loved it!

Protege said...

Loved this post; I LOVE to laugh and in fact my mother told me yesterday that I laugh almost constantly.;)) I was not aware of that.;))
And the song here brings back my youth! I love the new fresh version of it.;))
Have a great day.;)