Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime - when the living was easy...

The sand dunes on Okaloosa island were once as high as a 4-story building. Well, at least they seemed that way from a child’s perspective.

A steady parade of hurricanes and tropical storms through the years have etched the terrain and altered the shoreline in immeasurable ways. The dunes that we romped on and climbed while pretending we were on a trek in the Sahara are now off-limits to human feet in an effort to preserve the only buffer the roads have from waves and tidal encroachment. Such is life.

The Bosom Bottom Buddy Club was an exclusive club with what we considered to be a slightly scandalous name. My sister and I laughingly re-enacted our membership ritual recently at my mom’s birthday party. This snapshot captured the Bosom Bottom Buddy Club about 44 summers ago. We’re planning a reunion at the beach in the spring. I think time has etched us in immeasurable ways too. Such is life.

They say growing older is unavoidable, growing up is optional. I've always had the goal to remain child-like in my sense of wonder and curiousity (note: this is distinctly different from being childish.) I've decided now that I have a grandchild to experience life with, the clock starts to reverse. You know, the cycle of life!
Care to guess which smile belongs to the mini-me?


skoots1mom said...

is that you in the center?
what a GREAT picture of summer fun at its best
that would have been a great clan to hang out with while enjoying the long summer days
i know you are SO looking forward to being with them again soon

Melanie said...

I'm guessing 2nd from the right.
I love this picture...and the idea of a reunion of TBBBC. How faBulous is that?!
'Makes me wish I had been a member.

Krista said...

I guess the far right. I never want to lose the wonder either. you're going to be such a fun Nana!

sara said...

I think you are 2nd from the right!!

What a great memory and picture!

And I agree with Krista, you're going to be a great Nana!!! I can't wait for it myself someday!!!

heather said...

I have WONDERFUL memories of going on a girls trip to the beach EVERY summer with socialchick, singerchick, and their cousins . . . and our moms of course. It is one of the best memories (or many, many memories) of my childhood. There is something special about rituals that get etched into our brain. To this day I feel like it wasn't summer if I don't go to the beach for a week. This would be one of those summers! :-)

Protege said...

Beautiful old photograph.;)
I agree with you, the most important thing in life is to retain your childlike mind and innocence.;)

Greg C said...

Great memories. I would have to go with the one the second from the right.

Beverlydru said...

Greg & Melanie got it right- I'm the 2nd from right. : )

Mom of twins! said...

I am guessing the last one on the right...oh wait I just saw your answer- sorry about that!