Tuesday, June 10, 2008

There’s Nothin’ Like the Truth

My husband is a truthful man. Honest. Without guile. And without tact I might add. This can be endearing at times. At other times it is totally maddening.

Builderman has a history of naming my outfits and being a commentator on fashion. I decided years ago to laugh about it. About 15 minutes before our recent graduation party was to begin, he frowned at me and asked, “Is that new?” Which of course my clothes were new- we were having a party! He proceeded to say, “You look like you’re packing an extra 20 pounds today.” Not 10, but 20. Argghh. I ran to the bedroom to look in the mirror and scanned my options quickly. I decided there was no time to change and decided that his fashion sense leaves much to be desired. Trust me on that.

Hence, this morning, I looked at some photos taken that night and guess what?? I look 20 pounds heavier. This prompted me to put on the new blouse with some “skinny” pants, thinking that would fix it. Nope. You know why those loose blouses that are so popular now are called the maternity look? Indeed Cupcake in her little tiny size zero body couldn’t look pregnant if you put a tent on her. But me? I don’t look pregnant. I just look fat. So much for my nice new outfit. I could post a photo and do a contest and a giveaway but friends don’t do that to friends. Live and learn.

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Uncommon Blonde said...

No you didn't! I love that outfit and think that assesment is totally incorrect. He's brainwashing you ... what does he know about fashion? NOTHING :)