Friday, June 6, 2008

Lucious Veggies

'Tis the season that we have vegetables coming out of our ears. I wish you were here - I would be glad to share. Squash is so prolific that if I don't pick it twice a day, it gets too big. That speaks of heat and humidity if the condensation on the windows doesn't tell ya it's HOT. I'm not complaining - I'll take the heat over the cold any day. As long as I have air conditioning, that is. Are we spoiled or what? Here's a few of the squash plants:

I tried to talk Cupcake into setting up a stand on the highway with beans, squash, corn and potoatoes. She always liked to do lemonade stands when she was little, but she didn't go for my plan. So I just force vegetables on everyone I know. How many ways can you cook squash? Forrest Gump had the scoop on shrimp and my specialty is squash: boiled squash, steamed squash, sauteed squash, fried squash, squash casserole, sqaush gumbo.... got any recipes to share?

Tomatoes aren't ready yet. I have never learned the art of canning and don't want to. I'd rather just share. Guess what's for dinner at our house?

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Uncommon Blonde said...

I want some :(
Wish I was a little closer, those potatoes were yummy!