Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waves of Memories

This past weekend, we had a reunion of the Bosom, Bottom, Buddy Club; a childhood club consisting of my sister and our first cousins, daughters of my mom's identical twin. In case you don't click through to read more, I'll just say that we've always considered ourselves half-sisters because our mom's are so very much alike. (As well as the fact we spent all summer, every summer, playing at LouLou's beach house together.)

We began our weekend with a visit to the wonderful house that holds waves of memories for us and were amazed that it not only looks very much the same but even has that beloved smell of old wood and salt spray.
This was the 5 of us then:
This is now:
I'll go ahead and admit that the really great photo of that my sister took of all of us (with a timed shot like this one where she has to RUN to get in it) is in the editing stage because I'm being persnicketty. I wore a knit top that I won't wear again for photos... in the best shot, it appeared I had a tire around my middle. Of course, this was a distortion of the camera and couldn't have been the way I REALLY looked, could it? Oh mercy.... My self-esteem is better than my body but my sister is under orders to do something to correct her camera lens. HAHAHA.

The old beach house is on Cinco Bayou, where the waves are always gentle. We actually stayed on the gulf in a marvelous house. We ate and laughed and talked until we were blue in the face. We questioned why we had never done this before and someone said, "this is the first time all of our kids are out of the house..." Ahh - that does make a difference.
The best part of all was being with this band of sisters who love each other unconditionally and have done so our entire lives. We're connected. We can be real with one another and trust that we'll get called out (with love and laughter) if we're off-base. To spend 3 days with 5 women and not experience even 1 moment of discomfort is a rare gift. After all... everything begins and ends with family.


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Wow, that looks nice. And how wonderful that you got to spend that time together. Glad you had fun!

FancyHorse said...

What wonderful childhood memories! That looks like a marvelous old family beach house. I'm glad you and your sisters and cousins are still close. (I love the name of your "club"!)

Zuzana said...

Simply beautiful and very sentimental post. Loved the pictures, how fun to be able to feel so close after all these years.
Your last sentence is so profound.
Have a lovely day,

Sue J. said...

Nice to see the photos that went with the FB status! Great times!!

Fuschia said...

"everything begins and ends with family." Amen girl! Though the closest I have to sisters will be my daughters when they are all grown, I completely agree. What a wonderful opportunity for you; obviously memories were made.

Ballerina Girl said...

What a beautiful time you must have had...those are special memories being etched continually throughout our lives...