Monday, April 12, 2010

Cake Fail & Other Confessions

I cook alot (one byproduct of living 25 miles from town) and I've shared a recipe here and there on this blog. I'm not sure if you want the one I renamed Tombé cake. That's French for fallen cake. It used to be called Texas Paradise Cake but every single time I make it, it falls. Builderman loves it anyway and requested it for his birthday this weekend. I added an extra tsp. of baking soda and figured with the magical skills of my new Kitchenmaster, surely it would come out alright. Here's my Tombé cake.The funny thing is he and our son think it's the most wonderful stuff and there's just a small glob left. It's not a piece, it's a glob.

Speaking of failure - doesn't it make you like someone better when you know they're not perfect? People that appear to have it all together all the time annoy me. I mean really.

So here's to my Tombé cake. And other failures too numerous to list on a Monday morning.

When you come to God with your mistakes, He doesn't rub it in, He rubs it out!


sara said...

so if your family LOVES the cake, then it's not a's a family favorite!!! If it didn't fall, they might not recognize it! :)

So glad God rubs out my mistakes!!!

Have a great Monday!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

How funny. Being a seasoned kitchen person I have had many similar experiences myself. The problem is that when it happen I then become obsessed with trying to figure out why it happen and then I have to make what ever recipe again and again until I get it right.

In fact I just had a very unpleasant seafood quiche experience that just did not turn out like I wanted so now I am fighting the urge to run to the store for more pie crust and quiche ingredients and give it another try.


The Mom said...

I love it that you are still making Texas Paradise am I. It is a family favorite. Son-in-law requests it as his birthday cake as well! I have 2 theories....the first one is your oven. Buy one of those inexpensive oven thermometers that you hang on the rack. I think you will find that your oven is not heating evenly. Secondly, try a new pan. I use a cheaper bundt pan and it works great. The expensive Caphalon pans are too dense. Thirdly, DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN. And last, lower your rack for the cooking position and add 8-10 minutes to your cooking time. I have now thoroughly exhausted my diagnostic skills...happy cooking and see you next week! Much love!

FancyHorse said...

I guess they like it fallen because it is denser and moister. Anyway, I'm glad they like it!

skoots1mom said...

great post...
His failure to the world IS our salvation :)

Merrie said...

I am so incredibly THANKFUL that He does rub out all my mistakes. I make so many - constantly ... I love that He is perfect and I don't have to be!
And... duh! We would LOVE the recipe!

Zuzana said...

When I was a child, my mom was an excellent cook, but she hated to bake. I am the the other way around.;)
Still, I loved all the cakes she ever made; as even tough they did not look of much, they tasted heavenly.;)