Monday, November 16, 2009

Ever Seen a Ring Tailed Tooter?

Let me tell you, we had some wild night life around here this weekend. The coyotes started with their yipping and yapping and the next thing you know, every dog within 3 miles was howling. Then our chief rooster started up. This was at 2 o’clock in the morning. Next thing, Builderman is headed outside with his shotgun. He didn’t shoot anything (I would have – and it may have been that rooster!). Yep, I talk tough but my family knows it’s all bluster and bluff. I got back to sleep and then the rooster started up again at 4 am. I was wide awake and thinking, “why is it so cold in here?” Turns out that Builderman had wanted to sleep with the window open and it got down to 46 degrees. Sheesh.

Have I mentioned we live in the country?
I enjoyed it immensely when a pair of bald eagles stopped by for a visit this past week. I walked outside to see one of them actually on the ground by what was the garden. Then I saw the other one take off out of a nearby oak tree. I stood and watched them for awhile as they rode the breeze. I've been reflecting on an eagle's perspective since then and I'd prefer learning from the eagles rather than chickens!

A totally different creature, the Ring Tailed Tooter, was the object of laughter when we went to see Lou Lou yesterday. One of my cousins mentioned that there still must be some purpose that is yet to be fulfilled since God is keeping Lou Lou here on earth. I responded, “that sounds lovely, but I think her will is so strong and her spirit so indomitable that she just won’t let go.” My aunt told the story that when she and my mom (they’re identical twins) were small and acting stubborn, which was often, Lou Lou would call them Ring Tailed Tooters. I leaned over and told Lou Lou she had just been called a Ring Tailed Tooter and she laughed out loud.

Laughter is a such good medicine. Smiles work nicely too. So give me a grin and go enjoy your day.


Fuschia said...

You got it!

And right back at ya :)

But, what on earth is a ring tailed tooter?

sara said...

I think I would have shot that rooster too!!! ear plugs are a beautiful thing....I don't have a rooster, but I have a snoring husband..:)

A ring tailed it!

Merrie said...

I'm smiling and laughing... I love the Ring Tailed Tooter... we have several in my family!

Melanie said...

'Just stopped by to send my love your way.

Pinkshoelady said...

Beautiful post!
Made me pray once again that wherever God sends us in the Army that He will send us there to see His beauty un both the enviroment and the people.
Please come visit me today I have a special prayer request posted there.
Love Pamela

Reasons said...

Smiling right at you!