Monday, November 2, 2009

The Color of White

Profound. Thought-provoking. Inspiring.

If that’s what you were hoping to read here today, you’re on the wrong blog. Sorry.

However, I am up for a chat. I feel like I’ve been wearing lots of hats lately, which is really not anything new. Last weekend, Cupcake was home for the weekend and it was fun to hang-out with her. I was seeing photos on some blogs of snow and we were walking on the beach. Guess you didn’t want to know that if that was you in the overcoat.

Busy week, meeting with some really interesting people and working on multiple businesses. I don’t think I recall what it feels like to be bored. I think I used to get bored when I was a child, maybe?

Just enjoyed another good weekend and we were once again graced with stellar weather. I was asked to do a musical program for a church a couple of hours from here. Not my usual thing as they wanted at least 30 minutes of music. It was a delight to prepare and then to share with these very precious people. The scenic drive took us through countryside where the cotton fields were gorgeous with the full bolls ready for harvest. Truly a beautiful sight.

After the service and lunch, we went to see LouLou. Her birthday is coming Sunday the 8th- she’ll be 103. Yes, you read that right. Our visit was sweet, though she didn’t know who I was for the first time. Her physical health is remarkable, but my vivid impression is that she is on the threshold of heaven. I feel selfish that it makes me sad – she is so ready and so tired. When I sang “I’ll Fly Away” and she clapped in delight, I almost came undone.

She seemed really pleased when I told her that her second great, great grandchild arrived this week and is named Eloise in her honor. Since we’re on the subject of babies, I’ll just wrap this by leaving you with images of the joy of my heart. Rosebud is 14 weeks old!


My ADHD Me said...

Happy Birthday to your Lou Lou. I still remember the first post of yours that I read about her. What an incredible woman!

Thanks for all of your encouraging words and prays. I copied the Dr Seuss quote down as one of my favorites.

Am working on feeling better. It is so easy for me to become a hermit.

Your Rosebud is Bee-u-ti-ful!!

Melanie said...

My Mamaw went to be with the Lord a month after her 103rd birthday! She is the one who was healed of the huge cancerous tumor on her face before she "flew away" to glory. She was a teacher of the Gospel and played the organ. My papaw was a preacher.
Beautiful little Rosebud!

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh, what a little sweetheart. So cute!

Protege said...

Lovely set of pictures.;) It sounds like you are just very much enjoying your life and your family right now. A very positive post.;)
I just became aunt for the third time this past Monday, the cutie here reminds me of my newborn niece.;)

sara said...

sounds like you have been busy!

Happy Birthday to LouLou. I teared up when you wrote about singing to her. I sang to my Aunt those last days...I am missing her today. precious!!!

Rosezilla said...

What a darling! Love the little blossom photo on the bottom.

Edie said...

I have to admit you caught my attention with "The color white". I was actually thinking about that very subject yesterday. No kidding! LOL!

Your Rosebud is a wonderful substitute! Happy Birthday (late) to Lou Lou!

I love your profile picture. Can you smile any bigger? NOT!

Edie said...

Oh wait I'm not late, I'm early! How did I miss that? That's my b-day too.