Monday, September 7, 2009

Grand, Divine, Eternal Drama

To me it seems as if when God conceived the world, that was poetry; He formed it, and that was sculpture; He colored it and that was painting; He peopled it with living beings, and that was grand, divine, eternal drama. ~ Emma Stebbins, 1816-1876
Two of the greatest musicians I’ve ever known have moved to heaven but continue to have a profound influence on me. One of those is my dad and the other is a man by the name of Bernard Franklin, a music minister and amazing pianist. Both were incredibly gifted and talented, however the depth of their influence resides in the fact they were tuned in to imparting their gift to others; or more accurately, at calling out the gifts in others. They gave inspiration and encouragement to free others to flow with the talents within themselves.

I want to invest my life in people. I think it matters a lot less what I’m capable of as what others are capable of that perhaps lies buried and unexpressed under doubt, fear, indecision and uncertainty. Our most valuable natural resource is people. What a diverse lot we are. What a grand adventure to look for the beauty in others.


Protege said...

The gift of music and the written word or a beauty of a painting is what inspires us and makes this world a better place.;))
I absolutely love your last sentence.

sara said...

I have to admit that I had to laugh at the quote at first. Being in the ministry, the words people and drama go together quite a bit! :)

But I do want to invest my life in people. and I also love your last line....that is what I would like to do!