Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be Prepared

Hurricane season is always in the news this time of year in Florida. When a tropical disturbance develops near Africa, we start getting updates on the developing storm. There are never-ending public service announcements and billboards about being prepared. There’s a list of things to have on hand including bottled water, flashlights, cash, medicines and such. No doubt, in the last 5 years there have been some devastating storms. However, the constant news coverage of even the smallest disturbance tends to desensitize me to the seriousness of the bigger storms.

I’ve had the thought recently, “what would I take if we had to leave in one vehicle – quickly?” (Not likely to happen as we are about 25 miles inland. Tell that to the people hit by Charlie – they were at least 45 miles inland) It makes me laugh to remember my son’s idea of getting prepared while he was away at college. I called him at one point when there was a serious storm headed our way (I believe that was Katrina!) with instructions to use the credit card and go stock some nonperishable food, bottled water and basics. He reported back that he’d been to Sam’s and bought a case of hot fries, a case of boiled peanuts and water. Basics? I laughed.

I pretty much keep the basics covered, but if you could take a few comfort items, what would they be?

Here’s my short list:
1. My pillow. I’m very picky about my pillow.
2. My Gardenia lotion from Bath & Body Works that they’ve discontinued! (The nerve!!) It makes me happy.
3. My laptop. You know why.
4. My iPod. Music can help my mood a lot.
5. My vitamins and herbs. When I mentioned mood, I immediately remembered these.

What would you take? Remember, it’s got to fit in the car. ONE car!


Sylane Mack said...

Okay, so the list is supposed to be after the BASICS are already packed, right??? Which of course means my Smucker's Reduced Fat Natural Peanut Butter and Nestle's Toll House Bitter Sweet Chocolate Chips (to mix into the Smuckers) have already been packed with the other life-saving BASICS.

1. My Bible--it's a life-saving BASIC...but I just got give it a shout-out!
2. My Starbucks Gift Card and Reusable Vente Sized Mug
3. My Lap-top...with back up Flash-drive! Hey! I'm trying to finish my book, CONVINCED! And communicating with others is soooooo important!
4. Giant bottle of Aveeno lotion--if I have to be frugal with space, I'll ditch the other stuff--and just moisturize like crazy with the Aveeno!
5. CD's to sing and dance by! (Doggone it! I'm just not as hip as you are yet, Beverly! I don't have an iPod! Maybe I'll start putting down some bithday hints!)
6. A deck of cards and Yatzee Game
7. My Big Mickey Mouse--Flags of the World Sweatshirt--from Epcot Center. It's almost 20 years old...and all ugly now...but it's my comfort sweatshirt!

Kelly Combs said...

I'd take my kids!!!! With their special stuffed animals & such, I'd hardly have room for much else, but certainly my cell phone is important. I'd have my husband & my dogs, so that'd pretty much be it!!!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Rosebud of course. And my camera, external hard drive, laptop and some gummi bears. What a fun question!

Protege said...

What a great post!
I have experienced two hurricanes, one a direct hit while vacationing on St Thomas, and it was awful!
Hmm, what to take in such a hurry? That is truly difficult.
But I guess my list would include; my cat, my laptop, my photo albums, my purse and make up.:)) And lots of hope about being able to return soon and find everything as I left it.;))

Btw, I LOVED and I MISS Bath and Body Works!;))


Sassy Granny ... said...

In 2003 hubby and I moved to California for a year. We no sooner settled in than a huge, raging wildfire burned out of control near us. We were told to "prepare to evacuate."

After some rather frantic scurrying, I decided to take only our personal documents (birth certificates, passports, etc.), as well as our picture albums. I figured we could replace everything else, or live without it. It took me all of ten minutes to load the car and I was ready.

Thankfully, the fire was brought under control and we did not have to leave afterall.

It's an excellent drill, though, isn't it? Very quickly one gets to inventory what's truly valuable.

Be blessed,

Brenda Leyland said...

haven't been for a while... so many wonderful postings to browse through and read.......

what comfort items would I take in the car?

1. my cat, Miss Kitty
2. Bible and another book or two
3. My journal and pens
4. something pretty, like fragrant lotion (as you mentioned)
5. my camping chair, it's comfy
6. cozy blanket

My ADHD Me said...

I have been told, more than once, that I am one of the most over prepared people others know.
I've also been able to come through for others who weren't thinking ahead.

In my car is a copy, locked in a safe box. In it I have copies of all of my insurance papers, birth certificates, social security cards, house deed, car deeds, and pictures of things I may need to report as lost. It really isn't as much as it sounds. All fits in one large manila envelope. I also through in a few family pics.

I definitely have a journal and pen. I like to document things, not to mention jot down ideas, lists, etc.

I have a Bible, a couple of books, a few puzzle books, deck of cards, (even a frisbee) matches, steno, those small bags that open up into a large blanket, Dollar store raincoats that come in bags no larger than an envelope, flashlights, a map, list of phone numbers, small bags of water and of course jumper cables, flares, and fix a flat. Oh and a few other personal items such as toiletries (not make-up) and a change of clothing for all. About once a year I rotate much of this. All of this is in the trunk of my car. It all fits in a medium-large plastic container.

In the house, extra cash, canned food in a box that is ready to pick up and go, manual can opener, large bottles of water, dog food, oh, and I always try to make sure my meds are not close to running out. Unfortunately you can't pack those ahead of time as the insurance companies will only give you a certain amount. And even if you did, you would have to be sure to rotate, rotate, rotate. As a matter of fact, it is important to rotate your food and water stock too.

Overkill?? Maybe. Obsessive? Maybe. But that is ok with me. It really doesn't take up much room and it gives me a feeling of being a bit more in control.

My ADHD Me said...

P.S. "Case of hot fries, case of boiled peanuts and H2O" WAHAHAHA!!!

Greg C said...

We cheated on the last one here. We took two cars. Well actually a car and a truck. The kitties were the number one item followed closely by important papers. We left behind our prints but after a recent assesment, those are going with us next time. :)

Edie said...

I have a large SUV so I could put a lot in it.

A change of clothes, tennis shoes, important documents, my dog, leash, toiletries, purse, cell phone, toothbrush, toothpaste, canned & boxed foods, water, pillows, and blankets. I would be wishing I had a laptop.

And I might give ADHD-Jo a call to see what I may have forgotten.

Mike said...

Great list.


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Linda said...

I would have to take my Kindle

Rosezilla said...

Photos, the computer (for the hard drive), my NEO (I can get a lot more on it then a notebook), and I guess I'd have to take my medicine. I don't really know, but living in SW FL I suppose I should! We only fled once and it was a mistake. So hopefully I wouldn't be leaving anyway.

Jessica said...

My husband has been to FL to help restore power during hurrican season more times than I count. Stay safe during the season!

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