Sunday, July 5, 2009

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

I interrupt the regularly scheduled account of my trip to Central America to update you on some events at home.

First, the good news. Lou-Lou had surgery on her broken hip 10 days ago and is bouncing back. We’re astounded. When the doctors ordered tests to be sure that her 102 year old heart could withstand surgery, they declared with astonishment that it was strong and healthy. I understand she’s in a wheelchair and going to the dining room for meals. I’ll be going to see for myself this week. Amazing.

My other news pertains to predators. We seem to have them around our property right now.

When I returned from my trip, Builderman informed me that our cat is gone. Seems a coyote took him out. Tigger was born in June 1999 to unknown parentage. Died June 2009. He was adopted from the animal shelter in fulfillment of a long-held dream of Cupcake's when we moved to a new area. Her dad was vehement about never owning a cat. She prayed. He let her get a cat. Tigger considered himself to be a cat-dog since he had lived outside since being banned from the house years ago. Among other misdeeds, he shredded a large portion of carpet when he was accidentally shut in a bedroom. I am happy now for all the cold mornings last winter when I would go out with towels from the dryer and create him a nest of warmth. He will be missed and is mourned most of all by Cupcake. (Excuse the photo- the dogs love centerstage & Tigger was content with backstage.)

That’s not all though. The lastest news on the chickens is not so good. First, an update on their living quarters. Builderman has constructed a movable chicken coop (called a tractor) that the peeps moved to. Here's what it looks like. This will be their vacation home for them to take turns using after the Cackle House is complete. When Builderman undertakes a project, he does it right. : )
Friday night we didn't get much sleep because of these little rascals. But since I try not to do long posts and my friend ADHD Me has put cliff-hangers into my mind today, you’ll have to come back tomorrow to read the rest of the story... titled "Night of Terror".

Hasta mañana.


Uncommon Blonde said...

Oh my... I am definitely not cut out for living in the country. At least the last few weeks haven't been boring!

Greg C said...

Make sure and put a bottom on that chicken tractor. That is how the raccoons got in ours and the result wasn't pretty. Yours is better than mine I must say.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Goodness! Life is never dull at your house, is it?!

Protege said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about Tigger.:(( How sad, I have a "Batcat" at home and I love him to bits.
The title for your next post sounds frightening, even though quiet intriguing.;)
By the way, I also love the way you have nicknamed your whole family.;))
I am glad that Lou-Lou is doing better.;)

Christine said...

Wow what a summer of emotions!
I pray that it gets better for all of you and you get some sleep.

Melanie said...

I wonder if your chickens will give double yolked eggs. We just came back from MS where my dad buys double yolked eggs from someone with chickens. He said they can't sell them in the stores.
He gets a flat for $1.
I like your "country living" stories.

Chatty Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. That is really tough.

But what amazing news on your Lou-Lou! What an amazing woman. Keep us posted.

Chatty Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. That is really tough.

But what amazing news on your Lou-Lou! What an amazing woman. Keep us posted.

My ADHD Me said...

Night of terror!" You have my attention.

Welcome Back.

I've been a blog slacker lately and am trying to catch up on my friends blogs again.

Sorry about the cat. That stinks.

BTW, Your Lou Lou sounds incredible. I would just love to sit with her and listen to her tell stories of her life. I bet she is fascinating!

Oh yeah, cliff hangers are great.
Since I tend to be long winded, (I know, you never knew that), I feel like if I break thinks down a bit, it makes it more interesting.

If I keep up with these long comments, I'll have to start doing cliff hanger comments too.

have a great evening!!!!!

Edie said...

Oh no your poor Tigger too? What a week! I'm so sorry. If this was my house, my dog would be the culprit. She would love to *meet* the cats that roam our neighborhood. They come into our backyard sometimes just to give her a run for her money. (sigh)

Lou Lou sounds like a real trooper!

Great chicken coop. We had chickens when I was growing up. Our chicken coops were not as nice as yours. :)