Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let the River Flow

I feel like a log in the middle of a river of bloggers that got stuck between 2 rocks. There's a great current rushing by me - I feel the flow and need to get back in it!

I like blogging for lots of reasons, the first being the meaningful connection with YOU! I also like having a written record of life. It's easy to forget important moments when they get carried away in the flow of days, which become months and turn into years.

Plus, the Lewis family is getting ready to grow... 2 babies are coming in the next 3 months and I must record the joy of it all.

Random thoughts tossed into the current:
  • A recent fascination with Twitter has taken some of the time I allow myself for "social media." One of the things I've enjoyed about it is the challenge to communicate a thought in about 130 characters. Brevity reigns on Twitter, and Lord knows I needed a lesson in brevity.

  • I love being busy but there are days I would like to feel like I've finished my work. It is NEVER complete... I just stop when I run out of day. I'm betting you know the feeling.

  • I have to even confess this, seeing as I live in Florida and many of you don't, but I am OVER winter. Cold, wet days with little sunshine are not my friend anymore.

  • My glasses broke in my hand this morning. My bifocal contact lenses are not great for computer work and are absolutely terrible for reading. I'm thinking clear vision has just become a priority and my afternoon is going to have to make room for a trip to the optometrist.
Thanks for coming by in the flow of your day. You are important to me.

He who postpones the hour of living
is like the rustic who waits for the river to run out
before he crosses.


skoots1mom said...

life does speed on by...
so excited to hear about two new little ones coming...
enjoy your week

The Mom said...

I am always amazed that our family continues to grow. One generations flowing seamlessly into another. I know that LouLou would be so proud. Can't wait to meet the newest babes. Please keep us posted. Praying. As always. Much much love, K.

Krista said...

Hey, Beverly! I was just thinking about you the other day. Sorry I have not been by to visit in AGES but as you said, the river just keeps flowing whether you're blogging or not. I think I fell in the river, started following a lot of other blogs, and just recently pulled my head up to wonder what happened to some of my older friends!

Congratulations on your impending babies! Sounds like a grammy's dream! My baby just turned 2, and I do not know where the time went.

Speaking of random thoughts, I'm starting to collect quotes about food, especially the idea of feeding the soul. I always love the quotes you share, wonder if you have any favorites?

I hope you are well. PS I'm a northern transplant to Texas, and I'm over this excuse for a winter, too.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

I miss you when you're not around. And I didn't know about the babies! Squeee!! Congratulations!

FancyHorse said...

Congratulations on the new babies coming ~ that is exciting!

Don't feel bad, we all get stuck in the river, or fall in it sometimes! Glad to see you back!

Sue J. said...

"I just stop when I run out of day." Thank the Lord for the night time, as Neil Diamond would sing. I hear you!!

sara said...

my life feels like a rushing river right now too!!

Can't wait to meet those sweet babies!!!