Friday, November 19, 2010

More is Better but Less will Have to Do

Remember I mentioned I'm participating in NaBloPoMo over at my business blog? It's challenging and I'm glad I'm doing it but I'm positive that I won't keep it up after November. I can tell you that the more often you post, the more traffic you get. I know that's logical, but my statistics show traffic is up 62% this month over October. Is it worth the brain drain and extra writing? I'm not sure.

Obviously, I've had less time to Dance in the Daffodils. I appreciate friends who love me when I'm good and love me when I'm not so good. : )

In case you've been wondering what's on my mind, I like yesterday's post about the Rich Rewards of Respect, which should have been titled, "You Get What You Give".

A few random Friday thoughts.... did you know that there are statistics that reveal that you need at least 12 laughs a day to stay healthy? Yep, it's true.

And I'm covered x 2 today because Guess who's Coming to Dinner???
If you guessed this little girl you guessed it. I'll be in heaven for the next week. I plan to drop back in to say "Happy Thanksgiving", but I might be busy playing.

You all are treasures in my life. Have a terrific weekend!


Zuzana said...

Oh, she has grown so much, where does the time go...
Have a lovely weekend and Thanksgiving as well,

FancyHorse said...

Sweet little girl! I'm sure you will have a great Thanksgiving holiday with her around!

Yes, it only makes sense that the more one posts, the more people want to read one's blog. After all, what's the point of clicking on it if there's nothing new there?

Sometimes I go for days or even weeks without posting, but I'm not really trying to attract more readers. I do enjoy comments/feedback. I like the social interactions, so I make a point to comment on others' often.

Ballerina Girl said...

The pictures below are so cute!
I know you are having a wonderful week and wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving!

Continue to enjoy life's treasures!