Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two More Years in a Few More Blinks

I've passed my two year anniversary for blogging and when I read Sandy's post today, offering Link Love, I thought it a bit ridiculous that I couldn't seem to come up with a favorite post. Really? Do I think so little of my writing? Maybe. (That's not a line to manipulate you to say something nice - I think we are all just a wee bit critical of our own efforts at lots of things.) However, as I read through old posts, I saw a distinct thread in my favorites - they're about realtionships - with family, with friends, with God.

I wrote the words below about 2 years ago, and can't believe how thankful I am for what has transpired as Cupcake went off to a school that was not her first choice. It still amazes me how some of the days (and nights!) can pass so slowly and yet the years just whiz by. He orders our steps...

In the spring of 2008 I wrote...

It hit me this week that my baby will be moving out in 3 months. People have asked me what I will do with an empty nest and I have just laughed and said, “I’m pretty sure I won’t be bored.” Now I realize that flip answers won’t cover the absence my heart will feel.

Tonight I found comfort in reading the words of an old friend who loved my Cupcake deeply. I found her legacy recorded on the website of the college Cupcake will be attending. Concidence? I don’t think so. The Curto Collection is a wonderfully written history, but it is a reminder to me that love is eternal. Jo Curto has moved to heaven, so I have not visited with her in quite some time. She writes, “Until I quietly slip away while explaining the “s” form of the verb and join those others who loved TCC in that Great Classroom in the sky, I will continue to count my blessings, not the least of which is the opportunity to feel needed and to belong.” I feel like I have visited with her tonight after reading her papers online. I bet she would have written an addicitive blog had she had that opportunity.

Jo was the kind of neighbor you dream of having. Her door was always open but she was never intrusive. She would watch our kids in a pinch with no notice. She was intelligent, funny, kind, strong and altogether fascinating. She was the one who entertained our older children when Cupcake was born and then brought them in to meet their new sister. She became “Nana Jo” to Cupcake - I had always loved the name “Nana” and she happily went along with that. Of course I knew she had her docotoral degree, was a professor and a published author, yet she was very unassuming and never wanted to talk about herself. I am not surprised now to learn that she was a prolific author as well as mentor to many budding writers.

Her writing has reached through time and space to comfort and encourage. I am reassured to know that as Cupcake moves away, she will be living in the shadow of Jo’s legacy. Jo describes the college saying, “TCC is not its publications, not its programs, not its technology, not its buildings, but its heart and soul are the people, from administrators with awesome responsibilities to young people with faith that TCC will help them overcome fears and doubts, realize their dreams, and meet their needs.” Thanks for everything, Jo.



Nice to find you today on the link at God Speaks Today.

Congratulations on two years of blogging. I, myself, am a newbie.

Tammy@If Meadows Speak... said...

I loved that post from 2008 and what a source of comfort during the empty nest year/years. I still have a ways to go. :)

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

I'm so glad you found the courage and confidence to link up this post! Seriously...it was beautiful. I love this:

"People have asked me what I will do with an empty nest and I have just laughed and said, 'I’m pretty sure I won’t be bored.' Now I realize that flip answers won’t cover the absence my heart will feel."

I've said similar things...so this really hit me hard. My kids are much younger and it will be years before my nest is empty, but something about the way you worded it, made it reality to me.


Thank you for linking up today and sharing such a heart-felt post. You blessed me today.


Donna said...

It was nice to find you on God Speaks Today. Thank you for this post. My daughter is finishing the 9th grade and I realize that I have but a few more years before she goes off to college. Times does go by so quickly. I know that God will continue to watch out for her.

Blessings to you and your family!