Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Rest of the Story...

Monday's post on storytelling was inspired by the daffodils I showed you a couple of weeks ago that are blooming by my patio. My mom had insisted I take the bulbs several years ago when we were closing up LouLou's house. She dug them from the flowerbed, explaining these bulbs had been passed down for generations in our family. I confess I looked at her with skepticism.

In search of the rest of the story, I recently asked my cousin who is up on family history about this story and much to my surprise, this is his response: "Yes indeed, there's a story. Ann Dupont Buyck, after the loss of her husband, Augustine, came to Alabama in the early 1830's with her daughter, Eliza Spiegner and her son Edward Leo Buyck who was married to Margaret Hoffman (whose mama was Julianna DeBardeleben) Her last act before she left St. Mathews, S. C. was to dig those daffodil bulbs and bring them to their new home near Titus, Alabama...they have been distributed through the years and I know they are in Opp in two places and at Pleasant Hill at Blackthistle. So glad you have them too...they are hardy little souls!"

It seems my blog title is more meaningful than I imagined! So off I go to dance with the daffodils today. You can make up your own tune and join right in...


Protege said...

Lovely story and i still love the daffodils as well.;)

FancyHorse said...

I came here from Ballerina Girl's blog, and was fascinated by your references to Alabama! I live in Alabama. My birth family at one time lived in a town called Speigner, and my best friend in high school's mother was a DeBardeleben! That was an old name in the Birmingham area, too, where we lived for 34 years.

(I like daffodils, too.)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

How very sweet and wonderfully full of family traditions. I have some of my grandmas' Iris in my yard. She brought them to me many years ago. Before I left my old house I went out in the back yard and dug as many of the bulbs up as I could and have them planted in the back yard. They give me such comfort and a real connection to her every spring when they come up. I get to enjoy them as well as a wonderful memory of my grandmother.

Thanks for sharing.


Brenda Leyland said...

This would have to be your favorite season now, wouldn't it? What with bunches of daffodils bursting out all over! Makes a person wanna dance!

Haven't been for a visit in a while, so I'm enjoying my browse to catch up.