Monday, February 8, 2010

Time Capsule

Happy Tuesday! I had an amazingly wonderful weekend. I spent Saturday at an Aglow retreat with speaker Mary Forsythe of Dallas, TX, whose first book was titled “Glimpse of Grace.” In light of my recent post where I commented that grace is probably my favorite word in the English language, you can imagine I was loving the message. I was honored to lead the music with a beautiful young friend and dubbed us “Ebony and Ivory” as we really do move together in perfect harmony. It was so much fun.

I've had a surreal experience with opening a time capsule over the last few days. I’ve been on Facebook for about 8 months and honestly didn’t spend time trying to find high school friends. I’ve never attended a reunion for the primary reason that I seemed to be pregnant every time they had one for awhile and the timing just never worked out. But the other day, I got connected with one former classmate and it has led me to a Facebook-style class reunion. I started a game in my head of trying to think of one adjective for what I remembered of each person and then I tried to think of one to describe myself at 16 or so. The first word that popped into mind was “lost”. The second word was “clueless”. I would be interested to hear what one word my classmates would come up with.

Here's my senior picture circa 1975. There was a typical disagreement with my parents when I selected this somber pose because I thought it made me look "cool". How funny is that? My parents said, "but you're always smiling!" Well, at least I can honestly say I have no desire whatsoever to return to that age.

Note on this photo: Builderman had this handy in the top drawer of his desk. How sweet is that? We've loved each other a loooong time.

So, what one word would YOU use to describe yourself as a senior in high school?


Uncommon Blonde said...

Ambitious! (When I look at this picture I think we look a lot alike!)

sara said...

lost would be a good one for me too. If I could use two words, wrong path.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

This sounds so pathetic, but it's true. My word would have to be lonely.

You definitely have the emo-thing going with that pout on your face! :)

My ADHD Me said...

Love that pic! And your hair! That is the hair I wanted SO badly!! I even tried ironing mine by laying it all out on the ironing board, putting a towel over it and having a friend iron was straight after that...probably for a good 3 or 4 minutes.

I also tried a few pictures with that "cool" somber look. Bad idea.

Lost and clueless are words that could describe me also back in the day (and sometimes today too). Funny, I never would have imagined those words for you.

I think the one word for my high school self would have to be "invisible".

Melanie said...


Michelle said...

No, I don't desire to go back there either!
I was however totally in love with my husband that year...we celebrate our 20th anniversary next week!! :D

Even not smiling you were pretty!

Merrie said...

Painfully SHY, insecure and fearful... I have no desire to return to that age. It was not my best age!

The Mom said...

Confused, rebellious, selfish...unfortunately the list goes on, but thankfully, I was also REDEEMED by the precious Blood of the Lamb (through no work of my own) and He obviously had much work to do in my life. He is still at work in this work in progress many decades later!

Reasons said...

Shy for me too I'm afraid. If only we could go back and try it again!