Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Health Is Still Wealth!

The state of the economy can't touch our most valuable assets.

I've been considered a bit of a health nut for all of my adult life. Like so many of my habits, I tend to experience ebbs and flows along the way. For instance, when the children were really small and I could control their diets, we did really well. Then sometimes, I would get exhausted with the effort to buy natural and prepare whole foods and would concede to convenience.

We've never been vegetarians.... Builderman is too much of a meat and potatoes guy for that. It's been really terrific to watch the movement towards health food sections within the grocery store. It delights me that eating natural foods has become so much more convenient.

A couple of changes we've made in the past year that I'm very happy about are:

1) Organic milk. We buy 2 kinds of milk (fat-free and whole) and I found that I was throwing slightly soured milk away a little too often. It's really gross! Organic milk has expiration dates that are about a month away (can't say I understand why) and the fact that I use every drop compensates for the higher price. I have a theory about hormones in our foods influencing our health which I won't get into right now, but I really like buying organic.

2) Organic beef. At my grocery store, Publix, they have a line called "Green Wise" that is delicious & affordable.

3) Cage-free eggs. Most of you know that we now have our own fresh eggs. Yum. Here are some stats that we are promoting as we are actually selling eggs. (!!?!)

Mother Earth News conducted an egg testing project and found that, compared to official U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrient data for commercial eggs, eggs from hens raised on pasture may contain:

• 1⁄3 less cholesterol
• 1⁄4 less saturated fat
• 2⁄3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene
• 4 to 6 times more vitamin D

4) Kosher salt. I know if you're on a low sodium diet, this is not a good choice, but we are enjoying it! It's said you use less salt when seasoning with this form. I'm not sure about that as I really love salt. Thankfully, I have low blood pressure rather than high and it's not an issue at our house.

Lest you think that eating healthy is not fun, I love the stastics that support eating chocolate! A 2006 John Hopkin's study showed that chocolate can be beneficial to your health. It's rich in flavonoids and packed with antioxidants. In addition, it increases serotonin levels and may help lower blood pressure. : ) You're welcome!

I don't take the gift of health for granted. I believe in natural remedies as a first step when symtpoms creep in. I think we should have wellness cabinets rather than medicine cabinets. A recent ad for a local "Health Fair" boasted 12 workshops and every single topic was a disease. Something is wrong with that picture!!!

All that man needs for health and healing has been provided by God in nature, the challenge of science is to find it." ~Philippus Theophrastrus Bombast That (1493-1541)

Never, no never does Nature say one thing and wisdom another. ~Johann Frederick von Schuller

My prayer for you today is that you will prosper and be in good health!


heather said...

In our beyond tight baby busting budget these days we can't afford as much organic as I would like. However, we have started going in with friends to split a locally raised, pasture fed cow.

The meat is so much better and the price is great when you look at the big picture. My husband sticks pretty close to a high protein, only good carb diet and in doing so his blood pressure and cholesterol stay lower (crazy!) so he can eat more red meat than we normally would. It's a perfect solution that we can actually do at this time.

We also splurge for organic baby food since I don't have time to make my own right now. Babies' brains are developing so quickly at this age and I can't help but want to do everything I can to make sure he gets the best. I know I'm nursing and everything I eat isn't organic, but we're focusing on the positives? Right? :=)

Fuschia said...

Why thank you, I think I will! And you, by all means, do the same :)[prosper and be in health]

Merrie said...

Ahhhh such wisdom and great information! I have also found that buying organic milk is best and lasts longer. I have a sweet lady in our church that gives me eggs (when her hens are laying) and they are so rich and bright yellow that when I cook them I'm asked if they are cheese eggs.
We have some good friends in Blakely, GA - White Oak Farms that grow grass fed beef - much kinder and gentler ranchers. Really, they are. Walmart carries their beef. I think you can also buy directly from them.
Thanks for the encouragement and information.

My ADHD Me said...

I must admit that we don't eat as healthy as we should. My doctor has told me that healthy eating and proper (regular/routine) sleeping habits would help my pain. Maybe between him and you I will motivate....Motivate.....MOTIVATE!!

Krista said...

good reminders, Beverly! I love eating healthy and helping my family eat healthy, but it's a real effort to both plan healthy meals and stick to any kind of money budget. And I don't always have the mental fortitude for that kind of effort.

I'm laying out a plan right now for 30 days of mostly vegetarian meals. For several reasons including health, weight loss, budget, and simply the challenge of breaking out of a rut.

I wish we lived near you and could be egg customers. Fortunately we have some neighbors nearby that advertise organic cage free eggs, maybe I'll go check them out. Your little promo was quite convincing!

Have a lovely week.