Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Drive Thru

1. I met with a small group of women this week who wanted information about blogging, social media and basic internet etiquette. I had fun taking them on a blog tour; they met some of you! I was able to hook up my laptop so that it was displayed on the large flat screen TV. It was especially fun when I showed them Mocha with Linda's site for book reviews and awesome give-aways and she had just posted that I was the winner of a book! All of us learned alot from the session. They encouraged me to teach a class like this and charge for it. I never ever had considered it but I bet there would be a good response.

2. A friend passed along a complete wardrobe of tiny pink dresses and adorable clothes ranging from “Onesies” to the new “kiddopatamus” swaddler. Who knew? It’s been almost 20 years since my last pregnancy and it is so much fun to see all the neat new things devised for babies. It’s been like Christmas in June as I’ve enjoyed helping to prepare for this gift of a grandchild. I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time playing with baby clothes this week and loved every minute of it.

3. One of my favorite things about summer is all the fruit that’s in season. Peaches, blueberries and watermelon are tops on my list. I wouldn’t want to leave out the fresh squash and tomatoes our garden is producing. What a treat!

4. It’s Friday Fitness Day and National Donut Day, which are obviously mutually exclusive. Since you didn’t need to know this is, I heard that Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme have give-ways going on. I’m delivered from temptation by virtue of living in the boondocks, not by virtue of self-control. ; ) Please pass the squash.
5. I meant to say "pass the ice cream." Want a chance to win a year's worth of free Blue Bunny ice cream?? I thought so! Details Here
ice cream giveaway

5. Fridays seem to be a good day for a random run-down. I’m usually not geared up to write a focused post yet have things to share. Shelly and I have entertained the idea of hosting a “Friday Quick Takes” with Mr. Linky. What do you think?


Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Love the idea of "Friday Quick Takes" anything that will inspire,prompt or give some direction or a seed of an idea for a post is a good thing in my book.


Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds like a fun class, and glad I was able to add to the fun, albeit unsuspectingly!

Friday Fitness & National Donut Day - that's too funny! But my kids will thank you for the heads up on the free donuts!

Melanie said...

I say, "Go for it!" The class - that is.
Count me in on the Friday Quick Takes!

skoots1mom said...

i can work in the ice cream if i keep my portions right...
thanks for the link
you should join us on Friday Fave Five, too!

Protege said...

I like the idea of "Friday Quick Takes".;))
I too love getting fresh fruit in the summer, mmm particularly blueberries.;))
Have a wonderful Friday.;))

Sassy Granny ... said...

Plan to spend a whole lot me time with those baby clothes! The joys of being a grandmother totally took me by surprise. In fact, there was a day when our extra bedroom made way for a crib, dressing table, toy chest, and all the other baby/toddler items one could wish for. The little ones are pre-teen & teens now, but those days of lavishing such focused attentions on the wee ones are as precious now as they were then.

Be blessed,


sara said...

the class sounds great!!!

i did see it was national donut day, however I did show some self control!!!