Friday, December 12, 2008

Health is Wealth

My personal experience and observations:
1. Overwhelmed people STOP. Shut down. Put on the brakes.
2. Stress causes us to develop “tunnel vision”; we lose our ability to see options and become ineffective at implementing change.

These reactions can affect each of us in a myriad of circumstances, but can certainly affect those that have been diagnosed with a scary medical condition.

I was honored to be invited to review Theresa Garnero’s new book, Your First Year With Diabetes.

I had high expectations for this book because I understood that as a nurse and diabetes educator, she has knowledge of this subject; as a person who loves people, she desires to inject humor into a weighty topic.

I am happy to highly recommend this book. I have a checklist that I think good health books must adhere to:
1. Easy to read; successfully translating “medicalese” into plain English.
2. Combine personal stories with referenced resources; a professional & credible presentation with a human touch.
3. Practical for repeated referencing.
4. Make the complicated simple.

This book meets those criteria and does an admirable job of helping people get a handle on what has become an epidemic disease. I would dare to say that all of us know someone with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Of great concern are all the people who have the disease and don’t know it.

I have been networking with diabetics for several years now and I am passionate about people understanding that there is a pathway to wellness. Diabetes IS a manageable condition and diabetics can now live full, healthy, productive lives! Knowledge is power in the war against diabetes and Ms. Garnero has given diabetics a powerful weapon in the arsenal against the debilitating effects of uncontrolled diabetes.

I am giving away a copy of this book. If you know someone with diabetes, this would be a perfect gift! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me you know someone with diabetes (you don’t have to say who and it can be you) and I’ll use the random number generator on Monday morning at 9 AM CT to determine the winner. I’ll mail it immediately so if it’s a gift, you’ll have it on time.

If you just want to buy the book, or anything at all from Amazon, pretty please click through the Amazon search bar on the right of this site and I'll get some credit. Now I just need to remember to shop through that link myself!!


Merrie said...

What wisdom you shared! I think I "knew" these things, just never put them into words...
We are blessed with no diabetes (but for the Grace of God and not because of my lack of sugar intake!)
Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

**OFF TOPIC** - My sister, ADHD Me is my OLDER sister. She didn't want a Barbie styling head. My younger sister (ET) did.

Great review, but don't enter me in your drawing. Thanks!

sara said...

pls enter me in the drawing. does the book cover Type 1 diabetes as well or just type 2? My mom was diagnosed with type 1 juvenile diabetes at age 66..she is apparently one of the oldest on record, and she struggles with it so much because they just don't know how juvenile diabetes works in an elderly body.

Beverlydru said...

This book addresses both Type 1 and Type Diabetes. Great tips for both- also info. on the latest meds.

Greg C said...

Thanks for the offer but fortunatly, I have no close friends with the disease. I used to work with someone who had it but I have lost touch with him. I bet it is a great book for all the reasons you mentioned.