Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Frugality is In

Everyone is interested in saving money… especially in these times we live in. I am trying to get better about clipping coupons. They had become a source of frustration for me as it always seemed that when I tried to redeem them, they were either expired or required purchasing 4 of something I only wanted 1 of.

I do a bit of shopping online and I am slow to discover what may be old news to some of you.
I have saved about $40 in the last week with coupon codes!! Now, before I purchase anything online, I Google the site I am buying from. For example, I searched “Kodak Gallery Coupon Codes” for my Christmas Cards. I needed to reorder some skin care so searched “Mario Badescu Coupon Codes” before I ordered and saved $4.50! This is a simple tool that is perfectly legal and a real money saver. How many times have you seen that little box for PROMO CODE at checkout and wished you had one? Just stop and search and voila, one of the many sites that collect these codes will be glad to help you.

I 'm so pleased with my savings that I decided to post this over at Works for Me Wednesday. You can go there for all kinds of helpful tips.

You’re welcome. : )


Blair said...

It has tons of websites and searches for most codes for you. It doesn't always find some, but it is a good start!

sara said...

that is awesome!! I do always look at that promo box and wish I had one!!! Thanks!

Uncommon Blonde said...

I'm so proud of you!! I love coupons but that's no secret.

Edie said...

Well don't I feel foolish! Thanks for educating me!

Unknown said...

I do this too. Love it. Thanks for the reminder.

Fuschia said...

I am a big couponer, but I don't do much online buying...yet ;)

I got your email and will do my very best to reply SOON. Thanks for getting with me!!