Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Like a Lamb - Out Like a Lion!

I figured I'd better show up here before you wrote me off as a blog quitter.
March has been more than a whirlwind so thought I'd journal a recap....

1. Our first grandson was born Feb. 28 and I have been back and forth a lot, cooking, snuggling and thoroughly enjoying the fact that he's less than an hour away. I'm beyond delighted: 2. My mom got to come up with Uncommon Blonde when he was only 1 week old to take the Newborn photographs. They stayed with me and it was a very special weekend!

3. A close family member (who doesn't like to be "uncovered" on blogs and Facebook) was hospitalized with a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Emergency surgery resulted in answered prayer and she is recovering.

4. I spent most of last week in Atlanta on business and was challenged, stretched, inspired.

5. While driving home, I narrowly missed several crazy spring storm cells. Even drove through the mess left by baseball size hail that was piled up like snowbanks along the side of the road. Surreal. I passed through it all safely.

6. Returned home to find another family member battling a scary health issue and went into gear to help there.

7. This weekend brings a regional retreat. Sound relaxing? Well, maybe if I was just attending but minor detail - I'm in charge.

8. I think I can take a breath next week while I pack and start the waiting game for a call to go south when Uncommon Blonde goes into labor with her second daughter.

Busy is in my DNA so I'm not complaining. God is good. I am grateful. Just not blogging much but thinking of you and looking forward to visiting you soon. Thanks for coming by.


Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful little boy! Love this pictures, Beverly. Thanks for sharing them.

sara said...

such a sweet picture of that baby boy!!! everyone who told me things slow down when you hit empty nest....didn't tell the truth!!!!

praying for you to find some down time to refresh!