Friday, August 6, 2010

Sparks & All Stars

I have a friend who says that God created night and day so we can have a chance to start over every 24 hours. I agree, but I also reason that each day is divided into just 24 hours so we have limits; I think without constraint I would burn myself up like a shooting star. There’s so much I want to do!!

I bring you the quick version of what I’ve been up to… Last weekend I went to Atlanta to “Spark & Hustle”, a conference for women entrepreneurs. (Details Here)

The women I met there were nothing short of totally amazing. It’s impossible to introduce all of them at once (there were 200+!), but I must mention Shameeka, aka The Broke Socialite, who launched what has grown into a very successful business with her blog in 2005. She is a hoot and a half – had so much fun with her. Then there’s my courageous friend, Alyssa, of VintageBodySpa who flew to the conference by herself at 8 months pregnant because she is so determined to stay home with her new baby. Leeann Staples of MaddyMoo custom handbags gave us awesome gifts in our goodybags and the list goes on... Joyce Bone of MillionareMoms blew me away with her story of mom blogger to owning a 150 million dollar company. Huh? Yep- you heard that right. Phenomenal.

The message that was engraved on my heart is: pursue your passion and believe in the power of your dreams!!
I’ll leave you with another star that made her debut on the cover of Sarasota’s Style magazine this week. Her mother is my favorite blogger, (You've got to read this post titled "Emily Post Would Hate Facebook") Uncommmon Blonde is the most sylish of all because of this accessory on her hip! I know you recognize my favorite baby:

Have a great weekend!


2Thinks said...

Pursue your passion and believe in the power of your dreams. I'm all over it. One problem though- finding that passion. Where on earth did that thing go?

As for my dreams, I'm hoping the current ones don't have too much power over me, or else I'll never be able to find that lost passion.

What a wreck. I think I need to attend this conference you went to. Sounds fabulous!

sara said...

this conference sounds interesting! I am heading now to visit these ladies you have introduced!

and the baby.....ya, a.dor.a.ble. But then, we've known that from the beginning!!! :)

Krista said...

that quote at the beginning is so awesome. I hear people wishing for more hours in the day, and I think, no, that's ok. I can barely deal with the number of hours I have, thank you very much. I enjoy shooting stars but have no interest in being one!

I'm working on my constraint this week, and trying to do only and exactly what's on my to-do list before stopping for fun.

Have a good week.